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Fibre Studio

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The Fibre Studio is an outlet for alpaca yarn, rovings, batts, felts  and knitwear. We offer custom knitting and workshops in  knitting, crocheting and weaving. We can help you finish  your own “started-a-long-time-ago” projects.


Custom Knitting


I enjoy very much creating knitted sweaters, based on my own patterns or my customers ideas. I am using alpaca yarn from our animals, or any material and colour suitable for the project. You can send me your own material to be used for a very personal garment.


The pictures on this page will give you an idea of my work. Some of the project are hand knitted and some are hand knitted in combination with a knitting machine to speed up the "straight" rather time consuming parts.


Custom Knitting

Click on the kitty to see some of my custom work!




I am offering knitting workshops for adults and children. The classes are taught at our farm. Click here to find the latest workshop flyer. 

Knitting Workshops 



Alpaca Fibre......

  • is classified as a luxury fibre.  

  • is stronger than sheep wool, contains no lanolin.  

  • comes in 22 natural colors. 

  • is hollow giving better insulation and warmth in cold nights and a better cooling on hot days. 

  • The absence of guard hair eliminates the scratchy “prickle’ so commonly identified with other fibres such as sheep wool.

  • Those who cannot wear sheep wool can comfortably wear alpaca so it is also referred to as hypo-allergenic.

  • Alpaca yarn is water repellant. 


E-Mail: yhoule@samysalpacafarm.ca
Web: www.SamysAlapacaFarm.ca